About eMaskani

eMaskani is a Real Estate Property Marketing, Management and Communication System provider Our Real Estate Management Software allows property managers whether Landlord and Agents to conviniently do their day to day activities which include but not limited to:

1. Marketing of vacant properties(rentals and for sale)

2.Management of properties, including updating of rent and bills collection

3. Digital generation of receipts and statements, Tenants can view their receipt and statement from their dashboard and have a copy sent to their email

4. Communication with tenants through single and bulk SMS by touch/click of a button

5. Allows tenants to submit their issues to management, including anonymus reporting

6. If you have an assistant. you are able add them into the system and give them all or specific roles under management.

7. Comes with intergrated water billing system.

8. M-Pesa intergration which is optional

9. Intensive marketing where we upload images, video clips, amenities, map location, etc of your property

To tenants, the system allows them to:

1. View receipts, bills and statements from their dashboard

2. Able to download their statement & receipts from their dashboard hence reducing the need to visit your office for reports

3. Make referral to friends whenever a vacancy is available on the property they are residing

4. Receive communication from management with ease and in real time i.e via SMS & Push notifications

To other users and potential tenants, the system allows them to:

1. Search for properties that they may like

2. Favourite properties that they may like and get instant notification whenever there is a vacant unit.

3. Make enquiries which are in real time.

We believe that this will not only make your property management easier,but also reduce administration and operation cost that are associated with manual process of property management. If you wish to be taken through a detailed demo of the system, we can schedue a meeting with you. feel free to contact us on 0723228883,or 0774248220,or 0722316454,or [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Why eMaskani

All properties on eMaskani platform are Vetted and Verified by eMaskani management. You have no worries of being scammed when looking for a place to rent since we do direct to the property management. For management you are able to interact with potential tenants and also manage existing tenants with ease

Kindly Contact us on 0723228883,or 0774248220,or 0722316454,or [email protected] for us to set an appointment with you

eMaskani was made for all property managers be it agencies or landlords please contact us on 0723228883,or 0774248220,or 0722316454,or [email protected], to set an appointment with us

First you will have to register and fill all required fields, an account confirmation email and SMS will be sent and after account confirmation you can now enquire apartments.

Enquiries enables you to keep track on apartment you have enquired. Once another user enquires, you will receive a notification etc. Basically Enquiries are for keeping you updated on the apartment you want to rent

Assuming there is an apartment you want to rent but its fully occupied, you can add it to your favourite whereby you will receive a notification immediatly when a Vacant unit is available

Registration is free for all users and property Managers